Auto Service

We'll repair your car

We know that you expect your car to be efficient and safe.

We provide service of domestic and foreign cars.


Station with permissions for the Emission tests & Safty Inspections and Enhanced Inspections to inspect cars after accidents that have been repaired and brought to the requirements set by the manufacturer.


Computer diagnostics using ALLDATA, MITCHEL, SHOPKEY and IDENTAFIX systems to quickly diagnose problems with the car's electronic systems.


Electrical and electronic repairs with replacement of components and sensors that control, among other things, the operation of the engine. Brake replacement and repair as well as braking system diagnostics, replacement and repair of the exhaust system, including silencers, catalytic converters - so-called catalitic convertors or mufflers with flex pipes etc. Replacement of shock absorbers, so-called shocks and struts, tuning and all mechanical repairs of engines, automatic transmission and clutch disc replacement.

We have been repairing cars for over 20 years

We have the necessary certificates

We also perform minor cracked repairs and painting these damage.

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